Obamas' dog Sunny bites White House guest, TMZ reports

A screenshot of the girl's face as pictured on TMZ's website.
A screenshot of the girl's face as pictured on TMZ's website.PHOTO: TMZ

WASHINGTON - A friend of US President Barack Obama's daughter Malia was bitten by the first family's dog Sunny on a visit to the White House, according to TMZ.

The 18-year-old guest was bitten on the face as she went to pet the female Portuguese water dog on Monday (Jan 9), the US news site reported on Thursday (Jan 12).

It featured a photo of the girl with a bloody gash on her cheek.

Social media posts which surfaced online show the teen getting stitched up at the office of the President's physician, Dr Ronny Jackson, who checked her out and decided she needed stitches.

The teen was allegedly upset when he told her it would leave a small scar.

First lady Michelle Obama, and her nephews Aaron with first dog Bo, and Austin with first dog Sunny, walk out to greet the White House Christmas tree at the North Portico in Washington, Nov 25, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

'I f****** hate Sunny' the girl writes in one social media post showing her on a doctor's chair while Malia smiles nearby, says the Daily Mail. 

'Malia thinks it's funny,' the girl writes in another Snapchat photo, the Mail says.

Four-year-old Sunny is the younger of the Obamas' two Portuguese water dogs, a generally docile breed.

The elder dog, Bo, who is eight, was promised to the Obama daughters if their father won the 2008 election.

The White House has not commented as yet, said TMZ.