Newsweek recalls 'Madam President' issues depicting Clinton win

The 'Madam President' Newsweek issue.
The 'Madam President' Newsweek issue.PHOTO: @DAVID VICK 5/ TWITTER

A national recall went out in the United States on Wednesday (Nov 9) for the special "Madam President" issue of Newsweek that was prematurely delivered to stores and newsstands across the country, reported American newspaper New York Post.

The issue was based on Mrs Clinton winning the presidency. She was even spotted signing a copy on Nov 7 in Pittsburgh.

The publisher of the magazine will also rush the "President Trump" version of the commemorative issue to press on Thursday (Nov 10) so it can be delivered next week.

"Like everybody else, we got it wrong," said Mr Tony Romando, CEO of Topix Media, the Newsweek partner which produces special issues under the brand.

According to the standfirst on the right hand page of the Clinton issue, the election "was unique in a number of ways" because Mrs Clinton faced a "the kind of demagogue previously unknown in American politics", reported The Guardian.

"President-elect Hillary Clinton 'went high' when her opponent and his supporters went ever lower..." and "on election day, Americans across the country roundly rejected the kind of fear and hate-based conservatism peddled by Donald Trump... The highest glass ceiling in the Western world had finally shattered."

Commemorative issues of both presidential candidates were designed and laid out in advance, but Topix Media shipped only the "Madam President" issue as it believed late last week that Clinton was likely to win.

The magazine hit stores on Tuesday. Retailers were told not to put issues on sale prior to the election, but a handful did.

Mr Romando claims only 17 were sold out of the 125,000 Clinton magazines that were printed and shipped, reported New York Post.

"All wholesalers and retailers have been asked to return any issues they have as we need to clear room for the President Trump issue," Romando said. "We expect it to sell very well as there is obviously a great demand."

The Barnes & Noble bookstore on Union Square in New York that was selling "Madam President" issues on Tuesday were no longer selling any by Wednesday, according to a clerk in the magazine section. He also told The Post he did not know if they sold out or were pulled.

Mr Romando added that he plans to print more copies of the Trump version because the upset victory might lead to bigger sales volumes.