Newspaper reporter worst job in the US three years in a row

Newspaper reporters and broadcasters are the two lowest-ranking jobs of 2017, according to a US report.
Newspaper reporters and broadcasters are the two lowest-ranking jobs of 2017, according to a US report.PHOTO: REUTERS

Being a newspaper reporter is once again the worst job in the United States, American recruiting website CareerCast said in its 2017 edition of its annual job research report.

Reporters were also at the bottom of this list in 2016 and 2015, and next to last in 2014.

The study, which is based on information from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, gave newspaper reporters an overall rating of 739, with a projected growth of -8 per cent through to 2024 and a median salary of US$37,820 (S$52,841).

The higher the rating, the worse the job, according to the study, which took into consideration four categories inherent to every job: Environment, income, outlook and stress.

The various criteria includes emotional factors such as degree of competitiveness, physical demands of the job and job growth potential.

The second-worst job went to broadcasters, who got a rating of 731, projected growth of -9 per cent and a median salary of US$38,870.

This was followed by loggers, who got an overall rating of 726, projected growth of -4 per cent and a median salary of US$37,590.

On the other hand, the best US jobs for 2017 went to statisticians, medical services managers and operations research analysts.

The report, which ranks 200 jobs across sectors, noted, however, that some of the worst jobs of 2017 are "the cornerstones of our society", and "great careers for those with the personality types able to face stress (and sometimes danger) head-on".

It attributed high stress rankings for both newspaper reporters and broadcasters as part of the reason why the jobs ranked so poorly.

"In addition, both industries have also felt the years-long squeeze of diminishing job prospects, due to declining advertising revenue that has impacted the newspaper, radio and television industries," the report noted.

It also mentioned that US journalists covering politics have been "under extreme pressure" as they strive to credibly cover the news and keep the nation informed.

Just this weekend, US President Donald Trump skipped the White House Correspondents' Association dinner.

He was the first president in decades to skip the annual dinner for the organisation of journalists covering the White House and US President.

Here are some of the best and worst jobs from the ranking:

Best jobs:

1. Statistician, median salary: US$80,110

2. Medical services manager, median salary: US$94,500

3. Operations research analyst, median salary: US$78,630

4. Information security analyst, median salary: US$90,120

5. Data scientist, median salary: US$111,267

Worst jobs:

196. Pest control worker, median salary: US$33,040

197. Enlisted military personnel, median salary: US$27,936

198. Logger, median salary: US$37,590

199. Broadcaster, median salary: US$38,870

200. Newspaper reporter, median salary: US$37,820