New York's hot migrant

This Mandarin duck, with its velvet, white, blue and orange plumage - typical of the male species - is a mystery guest at the Central Park Pond in New York. And it has certainly charmed residents with its stunning appearance and showboating antics.

The waterfowl, seen here with a mallard, was spotted in October by rare-bird watcher David Barrett, who posted a video on Twitter via the handle @BirdCentralPark that went viral. It was featured in bird blogs before news of the new migrant spread across social media, prompting local news channels to visit the pond.

It is still unknown how exactly the duck, native to East Asia, reached Central Park.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the duck appeared to have bands on its ankles that suggested it may have belonged to a breeder or a collector. No nearby city zoos had reported a missing duck, and experts concluded that the duck was likely an abandoned or escaped pet.

So popular is the feathered visitor that one bird-watching enthusiast has called it the "Kim Kardashian of ducks", in reference to the wildly popular reality television star.

In the meantime, the celebrity waterfowl is unfazed by all the glaring attention - it is just water off the duck's back.

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