Never mind the candidates, here come the spouses

Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump (left) and daughter Ivanka Trump, listening during his rally speech. PHOTO: REUTERS
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Candidates' spouses have converged on Iowa to help their partners make the case to Iowans that they should be the next president.

IOWA (REUTERS) - First ladies in waiting - and a possible first man.

Mrs Melania Trump on stage in Iowa making the case for the Donald Trump presidency.

"Hello Iowa. It's great to be here. He will be unbelievable. The best dealmaker. The best master negotiator." said Mrs Trump.

And Mrs Hillary Clinton is also playing a Trump card in Iowa - with former president and possible first man Bill Clinton making the case for his wife's presidency.

"She is the best change-maker I have ever known and with your help and your caucus voices, you can make her the next president of the United States - Hillary Clinton." said Mr Clinton.

Senator Ted Cruz on the road in Iowa is also getting some back up from his wife, Heidi - "I hope you fall in love with Ted Cruz the way I have.. With that, ladies and gentlemen I'd like to introduce my husband my partner and my best friend Senator Ted Cruz", she said.

Whatever happens in the Iowa caucus - these first partners in waiting are taking center stage and embracing the moment.

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