Mazel Tov cocktails and US$10 Trump beer: US voters keep spirits up at election-night viewing parties

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At the Jacob Javits Center in New York, many of Mrs Hillary Clinton's supporters are taking photos of the "glass ceiling" under which Mrs Clinton will greet her supporters later tonight. ST PHOTO: MELISSA SIM

It's a time-honoured tradition - staying up late as vote counts trickle in from across the various states, waiting white-knuckled for news of how a preferred candidate has fared.

US voters are taking the edge off the tension with election-night parties - and even those come with partisan twists.

Republican candidate Donald Trump's campaign party at the Hilton Hotel in New York features a bar at which the prices have raised eyebrows, in a country where soda can be cheaper than water.

The Trump campaign is selling soft drinks for US$7 (S$9.70) and domestic beer for US$10.

Washington Post journalist Dana Milbank broke the drink menu prices on Twitter with a play on Mr Trump's well-known campaign promise to build a wall, funded by Mexico, along the US-Mexico border.

"They built a cash bar at Trump election night party," he wrote, "and his supporters are going to pay for it."

Attendees at the Trump campaign's party also spotted staff arriving with a cake crafted to look like a bust of Mr Trump. According to ABC reporter Katherine Faulders, it cost US$7,000.

A cake in the form of Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump is brought into the hotel where his election night rally will be held in Manhattan, New York, US, on Nov 8, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

The Clinton campaign party will be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, where Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will give her victory or concession speech.

CNN reported that the event will include remarks by Mr Khizr Khan, the father of US soldier Humayun Khan who was killed in action in Iraq, as well as the Mothers of the Movement, African American women whose sons were killed by police.

A sea of supporters has gathered at the venue, some of whom waited more than six hours in line to get through the metal detectors.

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Some Clinton supporters have beers in hand and others are holding American flags. Many are taking photos of the "glass ceiling" under which Mrs Clinton will greet her supporters.

Sketch artist Mark McMahon promises to capture the moment Mrs Clinton comes out tonight, a feat his father performed in previous elections.

At one point, thousands at the Clinton election night party broke into a lusty rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

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If American voters want to mix their own drinks, the "Mazel Tov cocktail" is the tipple of choice for fans of Mrs Clinton.

It is a reference to Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes' comment that a video by rapper Jay-Z, a Clinton supporter, opens with "a crowd throwing mazel tov cocktails" - a misstatement that substitutes the Hebrew and Yiddish expression of congratulations for the actual term for a makeshift firebomb, a Molotov cocktail.

The malapropism was gleefully seized by the pro-Clinton camp online, with supporters posting improvised recipes for what a Mazel Tov cocktail could be like.

Manischewitz wine - the infamously sweet, kosher wine found in many a Jewish American home - was, unsurprisingly, a key ingredient for many.

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