Man calls Mnuchin’s poop package a protest against new tax law

A man claiming to be the one who delivered a gift-wrapped package of horse manure at the Los Angeles home of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he did it to protest the federal tax overhaul signed into law last week by President Trump.

LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - The gift-wrapped package of horse manure was delivered to the LA home of US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over the weekend.

Robert Strong, 45, a psychologist for the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, told Reuters on Monday (Dec 25) he left the poop-filled parcel addressed to Mnuchin and President Donald Trump to protest the federal tax overhaul signed into law last week, which he believes will hurt poor people.

He left it in the driveway outside Mnuchin's home in the posh Bel Air neighborhood, causing a lockdown that required the LAPD bomb squad to come X-ray and later open the package.

Neither the US Secret Service nor the LAPD would confirm Strong was the culprit. The Secret Service interviewed a person who admitted delivering the package, but no charges had been filed against him as of Monday afternoon.

Strong posted a photo of the card on Twitter. It read: "Misters Mnuchin & Trump, We're returning the 'gift' of the Christmas tax Bill. Warmest wishes, The American people."

It is not the first time Mnuchin has attracted negative attention.

The former Goldman Sachs executive and his wife, actress Louis Linton, came under fire earlier this year for using a government jet to travel to Kentucky to view the solar eclipse and speak to business leaders there.

The public uproar over the trip grew after Linton posted a photo on social media of herself getting off the plane and listed the expensive designer brands she was wearing in the caption.

A senior lawyer at the Treasury Department's Office of the Inspector General later said he found no violation of law in Mnuchin's use of private jets for seven official trips, but called for better cases to be made in the future for official travel.