'Live' US election map with bodypainted models, and other quirky ways to follow the action

A "live" US election map featuring bodypainted models. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO

It is safe to say that everyone - or at least the Internet - has grown weary of a caustic US election campaign between two unpopular presidential nominees.

And as the action hurtles towards its nail-biting conclusion, here are several alternative (and quirky ways) to follow the action as Americans wait with bated breath to find out if Mrs Hillary Clinton or Mr Donald Trump becomes their president.


'Live' election map with bodypainted models

New York magazine, in a Facebook Live video, is featuring a "live" map of models lying on top of a map of the US.

As the results are announced, New York artist Trina Merry paints the corresponding blue or red paint on their bodies.

In Memoriam

A Facebook video by Buzzfeed perfectly encapsulates the mood of many Americans by live streaming a simple scene of candles and flowers.

Along with the declaration: "Thank god it's almost over!"

Donald Trump melting

The Huffington Post live streamed a video of a burning candle crafted in Mr Trump's image. "Watch Donald Trump melt down right before your eyes!" said the caption.

Perhaps not such a wise move after all, given that the tide is starting to turn in favour of Mr Trump.

3D White House models

The Washington Post, meanwhile, is printing the election results on 3D printers in the form of two miniature White Houses - blue for Mrs Clinton and red for Mr Trump.

Each model represents the 270 electoral votes needed.

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