Large group of teenagers in US mob subway train and rob passengers

Exterior of a BART "C" car at Daly City station.
Exterior of a BART "C" car at Daly City station.PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

OAKLAND -  A mob of teenagers robbed seven passengers in a subway train a on Saturday (April 22) evening in the San Francisco Bay Area, reports said.

The large group, estimated to include about 40 to 60 teens, jumped the fare gates and stormed a train, CNN reported.

The young people stole passengers' bags and mobile phones, and were gone in a flash.

A victim told local media: "Initially everyone was kind of confused. It looked like everyone was horsing around."

"It then started looking like things were turning more violent. By the time I realised it was turning violent, someone had already snatched my phone and half of them had run out."

A Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) spokesman said that two passengers were punched in the face. There were no reports of any weapons.

The incident happened at 9.30pm at the Coliseum Station in Oakland.

The footage of the assault was sent to police and school districts, but not released publicly due to the age of the perpetrators.

"We have created additional overtime shifts for officers who will be visibly patrolling stations," BART said in a statement.