JFK assassination memorabilia on sale

(REUTERS) - President John F. Kennedy's assassination is a moment that is imprinted in America's conscience. So for those of you who want to own a piece of that particular moment in time, now's your chance.

A series of items related to the murder are being sold online by Goldin Auctions, through Jan 30.

"Artifacts like this are very important to be kept, not only for historical significance and collectability," said Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions. "But also as a reminder, hey, this actually happened in the United States during many of our lifetimes."

There are 13 JFK items in the auction house's winter sale. Mr Goldin says he expects the ignition keys to the limousine the president was riding in to bring in about US$50,000 (S$71,952).

Some of the other items come from the Dallas jail where accused shooter Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby were held.

Mr Goldin says: "We have the actual handcuff key that was used for the handcuffs that unlock the handcuffs when he went into jail. We have the actual jail cell key from the police department jailer, directly who kept the key to the cell that Lee Harvey Oswald was kept in and then later after Lee Harvey Oswald was killed on his way to court, they put Jack Ruby in that cell. So the same key was used to lock up both Oswald and Ruby."

The handcuff key could sell for as much as US$20,000.

One thing's for sure, history, doesn't come cheap.