Heatwave in the US: Hot enough to bake cookies, fry bacon and 'destroy human skin'

The weather is hot enough to fry bacon and bake cookies in the US.
The weather is hot enough to fry bacon and bake cookies in the US. PHOTO: TWITTER

SACRAMENTO - Things are literally heating up in the United States.

Temperatures are hitting record highs, reaching 120 deg F (48.8 deg C) in some places , and making it very dangerous for both mankind and animals.

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Sacramento, Arizona, said in a Twitter post last Tuesday (June 20), that air temperatures over 100 deg F can heat an asphalt surface to 167 deg F.

It explained that 118 deg F is hot enough to cause first degree burn injuries on human skin, while at 162 deg F, "human skin is instantly destroyed".

As such it advised people not to walk their pets out in such heat or they would burn their paws.

It also showed just how hot it was, by baking cookies and cooking bacon in a car. With the air temperature at 97 deg F, the temperature in the car was about 200 deg F, which proved hot enough to cook those food items.


The heatwave also grounded aeroplanes, according to the Washington Post, with dozens of flights cancelled this past week at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said that the airline cancelled 50 flights in and out of the city on Monday and Tuesday.

The airline's regional arm, American Eagle, was the most affected, as its fleet of Bombardier CRJ planes can only operate at 118 deg F or below, Mr Feinstein said. In contrast, flights on larger planes flew as per normal as they have higher maximum temperatures, with 127 deg F for Airbus and 126 deg F for Boeing.

Social media was abuzz with postings about the intensity of the heat, with photos showing melted rubbish bins, mail boxes, and plastic walls.