Heart-stopping moment as heroic woman saves boy's life in the US by jumping in the way of a car

A heroine saved a boy's life after jumping in the way of a car as it crashed into the side of a restaurant in the United States.

The heart-stopping scene, which was captured on surveillance video, happened on Wednesday (May 31) at the side of Junco's restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, according to local media.

Seeing that the speeding car was about to ram into a stone wall, Ms Shanta Jordan jumped in front it to save the boy - whom she did not even know.

The pair were hurled into the air when the car hit them, and lay on the ground as passers-by rushed to help.

Ms Jordan mitigated the boy's injuries as she bore the brunt of the collision's impact.

Said police chief A. J. Perez: "I want to say thank you to this good person. If it wasn't because she stepped in, I truly believe it would have been a fatality."

Both Ms Jordan and the boy survived the incident. The woman is recovering from her injuries and the boy has been operated on to avoid a leg amputation.

Ms Jordan will receive a special commendation next week.

The driver, who was also hospitalised, has been arrested and charged with reckless driving, News 12 Connecticut reported.