General Motors makes 130 self-driving Bolt cars

General Motors said it has completed production of Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles at its Orion assembly plant in Michigan.

MICHIGAN (REUTERS) - General Motors made 130 self-driving electric Chevrolet Bolts at its Orion assembly plant in Michigan. 

The cars will undergo a final test. Then they will hit the streets of San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona, as part of GM's partnership with its ride-sharing affiliate Lyft. 

All this within this month. It expects to grow the test fleet to 180.

"Yes, I think it's really important for the General Motors to be upfront on that, to be one of the big players, and to let the public know it really is doing these kind of things. Now, is there a payoff anytime soon? No. These are investment in the future. So, making money on this will be challenge," said Michelle Krebs, Autotrader senior analyst.  

Detroit-based GM joins a list of companies aggressively pursuing automated vehicle technologies. 

These include Ford Motor, Uber Technologies, Tesla, and Alphabet's self-driving car Waymo unit. Apple is also developing technology for self-driving cars, CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg on Tuesday.