From garage to space rocket

WASHINGTON • US business mogul Jeff Bezos, founder of, has launched into space aboard his company Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket. Here is a look at Mr Bezos' life - from building an e-commerce start-up in a garage in Seattle, to launching into space, a dream the entrepreneur has had since he was five years old:

1964: On Jan 12, Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen is born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to Ms Jacklyn Gise and Mr Ted Jorgensen and is later adopted by Mr Miguel Bezos.

1986: Graduates from Princeton University after studying electrical engineering and computer science.

1990: Joins investment bank D. E. Shaw & Co, soon named the firm's youngest senior vice-president.

1993: Marries MacKenzie Scott Tuttle, whom he met at D. E. Shaw.

1994: Mr Bezos, who called himself a "garage inventor" from a young age, quits D. E. Shaw, moves to Seattle to open a virtual bookstore out of a garage.

1995: sells its first book, begins to rapidly expand and diversify.

2000: Mr Bezos sets up his rocket start-up Blue Origin.

2006: Amazon introduces cloud computing service Amazon Web Services and Amazon Unbox, the original video programming service later renamed Amazon Prime Video.

2007: Amazon releases Kindle, a portable digital reading device.

2012: Blue Origin begins flight tests for New Shepard.

2019: Mr Bezos and Ms Tuttle file for divorce after 25 years of marriage; the couple have four children together.

2021: Mr Bezos steps down as chief executive of Amazon on July 5, but remains executive chairman of the e-commerce giant. He has a net worth of over US$206 billion (S$282 billion), according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


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