Emptying the nest: US couple gets court to evict 30-year-old son

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A judge in Syracuse, New York has ordered a 30-year-old man to vacate his parents' home.

NEW YORK (AFP) - Most parents are living the life of "empty nesters" by the time their children reach 30, but one US couple had to go to court to give their son that extra little push.

Michael Rotondo, who was still living in his parents' home in New York state at that age, argued he wasn't a burden to them, saying they "don't provide laundry or food."

"We don't talk, we stay out of each other's way," Rotondo told US media.

"I just want... a reasonable amount of time to vacate with consideration to the fact that I was not really prepared to support myself at the time where I was served these notices," he said.

A "reasonable amount of time," in his view, was six months, but his parents disagreed, sending him notices directing him to leave, including one that said they were providing US$1,100 (S$1,300) for him to find his own accommodation, US media reported.

Speaking to CNN Wednesday, he admitted the atmosphere at home was "very tense" and "very awkward."

"I'll leave, I don't like living here, but I need reasonable time," he reiterated.

"I have plans to be able to provide myself with the income I need to support myself. But it's not something that's going to come together tomorrow."

"They have no obligation to provide support, he's well over the age of 21," a lawyer for Rotondo's parents had argued in court.

The state's age of majority in fact is 18.

"There is no reason for these people to have him in their home," the lawyer said.

The judge agreed and granted the eviction.

Rotondo condemned the decision and said he plans to appeal - although he added on Wednesday he would not appeal if his parents allowed him three months to move out.

"I don't see why the judge wants to throw people out on the street," he told US media.

Rotondo is far from the only older child still living at home in the US: according to a Pew Research Centre study, nearly a third of 18 to 34-year-olds lived with their parents in 2016.

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