Donald Trump's reported call for female staff to 'dress like women' triggers online backlash

Women from diverse professions made a mockery of the alleged directive under the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman.
Women from diverse professions made a mockery of the alleged directive under the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman.PHOTO: TWITTER

WASHINGTON - A report that US President Donald Trump wants the female staff on his administration to "dress like women" when at work has sparked an online backlash, according to reports.

Women from professions as diverse as the armed forces, health care and motor racing have taken to Twitter in droves under the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman to make a mockery of the President's alleged directive.

According to the news website Axios - which spoke to sources inside Trump's team - the President requires all of his employees to “have a certain look" and “be sharply dressed" at all times.

For male staff members, that mostly equates to having well-groomed hair and an on-brand tie.

“You’re always supposed to wear a tie. If it’s not a Trump tie, you can get away with Brooks Brothers. But I’d suggest Armani,” says the source.

The rules for women though appear more complex.

“Trump likes the women who work for him 'to dress like women',” the report suggests.

"Even if you're in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly." 

Insiders who allegedly worked on the 2016 presidential campaign also told Axios that women who worked in Trump's campaign field offices “felt pressure to wear dresses” to impress the President.

The only person who can get away without adhering to the dress code is said to be Trump’s dishevelled chief strategist, Steve Bannon, reported the Guardian.

The Axios report triggered a backlash from a diverse array of working women who pondered (sarcastically) what it means to "dress like a woman".

From firefighters:

To soldiers:

Police officers:




Racing drivers:

Then there were others who pointed to the achievements women have made while not wearing typically feminine attire:

This is just the latest chapter in the tale of Trump’s fraught relationship with women. During his campaign, many came forward to allege he had sexually assaulted them. Millions took to the streets in protest the day after his inauguration.