Damaged missile destroyer to be moved out of Singapore to Japan likely by end-September

The US Navy plans to move the damaged USS John S. McCain guided missile destroyer, which is now moored at Changi Naval Base, to Japan possibly by the end of this month.

The vessel was involved in a collision last month with a Liberian- flagged tanker in Singapore waters.

Ten sailors aboard the naval vessel were killed and five others injured following the collision.

"The navy intends to issue a task order on an existing contract for the salvage patching and transport via heavy lift of USS John S. McCain from Changi Naval Base in Singapore to the US Navy's Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center in Yokosuka, Japan," according to a statement posted on the US Naval Sea Systems Command's website.

It said that the lift was "notionally planned" for late this month and that a full assessment was needed to determine cost, schedule and location for the ship's repairs.

The McCain suffered significant damage in the collision, with its compartment, including berthing, machinery, and communications rooms, flooded.

The US Navy said the other reason to move the missile destroyer to Yokosuka was to allow the crew members to be close to their families.

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