Brobama: How the wonderful bromance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden blossomed

US President Barack Obama speaking to Vice-President Joe Biden after awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, at the White House in Washington, on Jan 12, 2017.
US President Barack Obama speaking to Vice-President Joe Biden after awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, at the White House in Washington, on Jan 12, 2017. PHOTO: NYTIMES

In a surprise ceremony at the White House on Thursday (Jan 12), President Barack Obama awarded Vice-President Joe Biden - whom he calls "my brother" - the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honour in America.

Mr Obama, 55, and Mr Biden, 74, have spent a lot of time together, and their eight-year stint comes to an end with President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan 20.

Earlier during the ceremony which moved Mr Biden to tears, Mr Obama said it "gives the Internet one last chance to talk about our bromance".

So here are some highlights from the Obama-Biden bromance as the two bid adieu to the White House.

1. Mr Biden's first Instagram

In April 2014, the photo-sharing app got that little bit more interesting, as Mr Biden created an account. While it is managed by his staff, Mr Biden does post himself from time to time, and signs off to let people know it's him.

His first personal post was a selfie with - who else - "Brobama", with the two grinning widely in the back seat of the President's limo.

In the post which has now attracted 74,470 likes, Mr Biden wrote: "Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. - VP".

2. Mr Obama's 55th birthday present

Mr Obama turned 55 on Aug 4 last year, and Mr Biden got him a gift most worthy of the man occupying the highest office in one of the most powerful nations on the planet - a friendship bracelet.

Mr Biden was more than happy to boast to the world about their bromance, posting a photo of it on Twitter with the words "Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever."

The orange and green bracelet was adorned with a flower, smiley face, pizza and star charms, and featured their names "JOE" and "BARACK" proudly.

3. The morning after Mr Trump defeated Mrs Hillary Clinton

The mood was grim as political newcomer Trump beat veteran Clinton in the presidential election last year. The Democrats lost the White House, as the Republicans kept their majority in the Senate and House.

Amid such a disappointing moment for the Democrats, Mr Obama and Mr Biden made a speech addressing the results. And trust them to lighten the mood.

When encouraging supporters saddened by the defeat, Mr Obama reminded them that he too had lost elections before. He quipped: "I've lost elections before. Joe hasn't."

The Veeps responded with a sign of the cross, as the crowd laughed.

4. Barack and Joe's Let's Move video

In February 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let's Move, a programme to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity.

As part of the campaign, Mr Obama and Mr Biden appeared in a video, showing how they remained physically active with exercise. They jogged around the White House side by side, including past the Obamas' pet dogs Bo and Sunny, who sat on watching in confusion.

5. White House Correspondents' Dinner video

In a hilarious video from last year's edition of the annual dinner, the President considered his post-retirement plans, amid the news that the Obamas will be staying on in Washington D.C for two years after his term ends, so that his younger daughter Sasha can finish high school.

The introduction sees Mr Biden counselling Mr Obama as the latter lies on a couch.

"I can't golf every day, can I?" asked Mr Obama, considering his options.

"Which do you like better, these or these?" replied Mr Biden, trying on two pairs of Raybans, completely distracted and in his own world.

"Joe, they are the same," replied the Commander-in-Chief with a straight face.