Blind hoarder from New York lived with son's corpse for 20 years

The home of Mrs Rita Wolfensohn in New York.
The home of Mrs Rita Wolfensohn in New York.PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS

Her son's body was found in her home, but a blind hoarder from New York may have been unaware that he had died.

The gruesome discovery was made when a relative went to the home of Ms Rita Wolfensohn, who was hospitalised, to fetch her belongings on Sept 15.

In a second-floor bedroom, which was filled with debris, sister-in-law Josette Buchman found a skeleton - intact and still fully dressed - lying on a mattress on the floor, the New York Post said.

Investigators said they believe Ms Wolfensohn did not know she was living with the body of her son.

The room he was found in was full of cobwebs and garbage, and smelled strongly of rotting food.

She spoke of him as if he had moved out, investigators said.

"It's like some reverse Psycho scene," a police source told the Post, referencing Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie in which son Norman Bates kept his mother's remains in the basement.

The dead man, who was not named by the police, was reportedly estranged from the family. Police believe he died of natural causes.

The Post said that Wolfensohn had two sons, Michael and Louis, according to public records.

Michael died in 2003 at the age of 38, according to court documents. Relatives said they had not seen Louis in about 20 years.