'Batman' who brought cheer to sick children dies in accident

Lenny Robinson's customised "Batmobile".
Lenny Robinson's customised "Batmobile".PHOTO: FACEBOOK/THEREALLIFEBATMAN
Lenny Robinson with his customised "Batmobile".
Lenny Robinson with his customised "Batmobile".PHOTO: FACEBOOK/THEREALLIFEBATMAN

A man in the United States who dressed up as superhero Batman to bring cheer to ill and terminally-ill children was killed in a car accident on Monday (Aug 17).

The Washington Post reported that Mr Leonard B. Robinson, 51, was standing on a highway with fast-moving cars and checking the engine of his customised "Batmobile" when the incident happened. The car he was using is a replica of the car used in the 1960s "Batman" television show.

The article said that Mr Robinson had been returning to his home in Owing Mills, Maryland on Sunday afternoon after meeting hundreds of children over the weekend in two daycare centres and a library in West Virginia.

A 39-year-old Toyota Camry driver from Charlottesville, Virginia, is believed to be behind the accident. He was not hurt and has not been charged.

Mr Robinson, who co-owns an appliance repair business in Falls Church, Virginia, started visiting hospitalised children in 2001, according to his website www.superheroesforkids.org. The website says that Mr Robinson's son's "obsession" with the DC Comics character rubbed off on him.

Mr Robinson gained international attention in 2012 after footage from a car camera of him being pulled over by police in full Batman costume went viral. He was stopped for having a Batman licence plate, instead of numbers. He was not charged in the incident.

An article was shared on the Batman Facebook page. The post read: "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Leonard Robinson, who shared his love of Batman with everyone around him."