'Affluenza' teen's deportation to US imminent: Lawyer

(REUTERS) - "Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch is coming home.

After being arrested in Mexico last month, the 18-year-old from Texas has dropped his legal fight against deportation, which his attorney Fernando Benitez says is now imminent.

"And the suspension has been lifted," said Mr Benitez. "So there is no more legal hindrance that would impede the immigration authority in Mexico from continuing with the deportation procedure action against him, which we expect to happen in the next couple of days."

Couch had been sentenced to 10 years of probation after he killed four people in a 2013 drunk driving incident.

A psychologist then said in his defence that Couch was so spoiled he could not tell the difference between right and wrong, that he was afflicted with what he called "affluenza".

But that was two years ago.

Couch has since fled to Mexico, after allegedly violating the terms of his probation by attending a party serving alcohol.

His mother, who helped him flee, has since been returned and faces a third-degree felony charge.

As for Couch, Mr Benitez says all that is left for him is logistics.

He said: "The government needs to secure transportation to the border and needs to communicate with the authorities in Texas to receive him."

Couch could face additional charges if he is found to have violated his probation.