3D Hillary Clinton action figure! (E-mails not included)

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Hillary Clinton fans can't access her official e-mails yet, but they may soon be able to download and print a free 3D "ready-for-action figure" of the political powerhouse, thanks to a firm keen to see her run for president.

FCTRY, the Brooklyn-based production studio behind the 2008 Barack Obama action figure that became a hit seller during his successful White House bid, is creating an "iconic" Clinton doll, complete with baby-blue pantsuit.

"We want to kickstart this product, and jumpstart Hillary's campaign all at the same time," FCTRY co-founder Jason Feinberg says in a two-minute, 43-second video pitch to cloudfunding platform Kickstarter introduced this week.

"Honestly, the world kind of needs a Hillary action figure," he added.

The jury is still out on that. But while the project has yet to fully get off the ground, it looked increasingly likely it would.

Of the US$15,000 (S$20,000) needed on Kickstarter before production can begin, FCTRY had already received US$10,917 as of Thursday.

The action figure was designed by renowned artist Mike Leavitt.

Supporters can reserve a first-edition Hillary figure for a contribution of US$15.

For those short of cash, the doll's creators have teamed up with website Thingiverse to allow free downloads of a 3D-printable Hillary.

The jokes on social media came quick, with one person on Twitter wondering whether the doll's accessories included two mobile phones or just one - a nod to the current controversy over Clinton's e-mails.

Clinton, a former first lady and US senator, used a private e-mail account while heading the State Department, as a matter of "convenience," she said, to not have to lug around two devices.

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