10 must-reads for today

People comforting each other after a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, yesterday.
People comforting each other after a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California, yesterday.PHOTO: REUTERS


1 Gunman kills 12 in US bar

A gunman killed 12 people, including a police officer, when he opened fire in a country music bar packed with college students in California.

Police identified the shooter as US Marine Corps veteran Ian David Long, 28, and said they believed he shot himself dead inside the bar.


2 PM on leadership change

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore's leaders are ensuring that the leadership transition is as smooth and sure-footed as the previous changing of the guard. He touched on leadership renewal at the launch of Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong's biography Tall Order.


3 Baby disabled after abuse

A 30-year-old man, angry at his six-month-old baby for crying, struck the infant so hard, the boy suffered multiple skull fractures. The father pleaded guilty in court to causing grievous hurt to his son, who is now two years and eight months old and permanently disabled from the incident in 2016.


4 Trump hints at China deal

US President Donald Trump has indicated his willingness to seek a trade deal with China, in a move that could end the ongoing trade war between both countries.


5 Volte-face politics not new

Sri Lanka faces a political crisis following the recent decision by its President to sack the prime minister, replacing him with a man he once ousted. While the move came as a shock, abrupt switches in loyalties are not unknown in South Asian politics, says associate editor Ravi Velloor (above).

The milk is pasteurised, sealed and stored before being dispensed.
The milk is pasteurised, sealed and stored before being dispensed. ST PHOTO: TIMOTHY DAVID


6 Milk bank to the rescue

More than 600 vulnerable babies whose mothers cannot produce enough milk for them have been helped by the breast milk donation bank at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. Since it was launched in August last year, more than 400 women have signed up to donate their excess milk.


7 Election on the horizon?

Will Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong call for an early general election? Political observers said this will hinge on factors such as uncertainty over the economy and the cost of living. PM Lee was asked on Tuesday if the bicentennial next year might be a reason to bring forward the election, which has to be held by April 2021.


8 UK eyes Asean, post-Brexit

A post-Brexit United Kingdom will be keen to sink its teeth into markets in Asean countries, not just in trade, but also in areas such as education and defence.


9 Mourinho defends actions

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho regrets riling angry Juventus fans at the final whistle but insists he was only giving as good as he got, after they insulted him and his family throughout Wednesday's Champions League game in Turin. Despite being outclassed, the English side came from behind to win 2-1.


10 Tribute to Yammie Lam

Fans of Yammie Lam can pay their respects today at St Anne's Church in Hong Kong, which is set to hold a memorial service for the former TVB actress.

TVB is also paying tribute by airing two of her TV serials - Looking Back In Anger and The Mamasan - this weekend.

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