10 must-reads for today

An armed protester at the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing on Thursday, amid demonstrations against stay-home orders.
An armed protester at the Michigan Capitol building in Lansing on Thursday, amid demonstrations against stay-home orders.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

1 Emergency in Michigan

The US state of Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed executive orders to reinstate a state of emergency during the coronavirus pandemic. The move came as hundreds of protesters, some of them armed, gathered at the state capitol in Lansing to oppose stay-home orders. 

2 New measures in dorms

Singapore will be stepping up measures to monitor workers' health and prevent recurrent transmissions in dormitories. Next moves include placing recovered workers in separate housing within the dormitories and setting up medical equipment to help residents keep tabs on their health.

3 Indian firms in vaccine race

More than half a dozen firms and research institutes in India have joined the global race to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Some are in global tie-ups, while others are working on their own. Experts said India's strength in these efforts is its ability to scale up production quickly and at a low cost.

4 Rohingya face bleak future

Less than three years after Malaysia opened up its borders to provide temporary shelter for the Rohingya as they fled a crackdown in Myanmar, some Malaysians have called for their deportation, and the Perikatan Nasional government seems to have joined with the critics amid fears of a bleak economic future. 

5 Politics of the pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak has set off a battle of competing narratives focusing on how different cultures and political systems have dealt with the challenges. But a simplistic contest of political systems is unproductive and ultimately self-defeating against a common threat, says Professor Joseph Chinyong Liow. 

6 Courts not for petty fights

The High Court has sent a message to the management councils of more than 2,000 entities, including condominiums. It said it would rule in favour of the chairman whose decisions at general meetings are challenged in court, unless they are made in bad faith. This is to prevent the courts from being used to settle petty quarrels. 

7 Lessons for climate change

The horrific impact of Covid-19 shows that mankind must know its place on earth and act responsibly; our response can demonstrate just how far we have come as a civilisation. When the world finally emerges from the pandemic, it has an opportunity to transform itself to have a truly sustainable future, and to create a fairer, healthier and happier way of life for all.

8 Shifts in electronics sector

The electronics sector will need to keep an eye on opportunities emerging from the rearrangement of supply chains amid the pandemic. Many companies are likely to continue to relocate from China, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore believes the United States-Mexico supply chain will gain prominence over time. 

9 Possible July return for SPL 

Singapore Premier League coaches are looking at mid-July, at the earliest, for the restart of play if the coronavirus crisis ebbs. Also taking into account the Muslim fasting month, they say players need about six weeks of "pre-season" training to return to competitive shape after the circuit breaker ends. 

10 Choice of 3 crossovers

Car buyers looking for a compact crossover are spoilt for choice. The Straits Times assesses three rides that may not immediately come to mind, but ought to be on the shopping list. The Mazda CX-30, Skoda Karoq and Renault Kadjar are top-of-the-line variants, with fewer-frills versions that cost below $120,000. Though they may be in a similar price bracket, they have different appeal. 


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