10 must-reads for today

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, delivering remarks against impeachment during a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. PHOTO: REUTERS
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, delivering remarks against impeachment during a press conference on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. PHOTO: REUTERS

1 Closer to impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee is moving swiftly to weigh findings by fellow lawmakers that United States President Donald Trump misused the power of his office for personal political gain and then obstructed Congress' investigation as possible grounds for impeachment. 

2 CRL to run under reserve

The Ministry of Transport has decided that the tunnel for the MRT Cross Island Line (CRL) will run 70m under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve rather than skirt around it, after both options were considered viable after an in-depth study. With the direct alignment, total travel time will be six minutes shorter.

3 Global stock markets mixed

Global stock markets were mixed yesterday after United States President Donald Trump cast doubt over the potential for a trade deal with China this year. Equity benchmarks across Asia, including Singapore, closed lower, with Australia and Hong Kong bearing the brunt of the declines.

4 British electorate volatile

It is one week to Britain's general election on Dec 12 and polls show Prime Minister Boris Johnson is on course to win. But the volatility of the electorate makes results hard to gauge. 

5 Learning life lessons

The role of schools - as well as that of parents - in instilling values in children is in the spotlight after the Ministry of Education announced a review of its character and citizen education. Starting young is pivotal to developing sound values, says education correspondent Amelia Teng. 

6 Contactless clearance at T4

Some returning Singaporean travellers passing through Changi Airport Terminal 4 can use the iris and facial recognition system to verify their identities to clear immigration. The contactless immigration clearance being trialled for six months does away with the scanning of passports and thumbprints done under the current system. 

7 Focus on results drives fear

More than 70 per cent of Singapore's teens worry about failing, an international study has found - but this does not surprise experts, who say it is a result of a longstanding culture where merit is closely entwined with academic results. Harnessed correctly, fear can also be motivating, they add. 

8 Insurer winding down here

Asian insurer FWD Group is exiting its group medical insurance business in Singapore less than four years after setting up shop here. It will wind down its employee benefits division by December next year.


9 Fencer cool under pressure

Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman (far right) had targeted a bronze but pulled off a surprise 15-12 win over home favourite Abella Haniel in the Philippines SEA Games women's epee final, for the team's first epee title in 30 years. But Fencing Singapore high-performance manager Marko Milic always believed the 19-year-old could hold steady under pressure.

10 History told via horror film

A new generation of Taiwanese artists is interpreting the period of martial law in Taiwan known as the "White Terror" on new platforms. It was turned into a hit video game Detention, which was adapted into an award-winning horror flick of the same name by film-maker John Hsu. 


Dyson's S'pore facilities

Dyson relocated its headquarters from Britain to Singapore in May, a move that reflects Asia's importance to its business. We go on an exclusive tour of its two main facilities here. str.sg/blurb89


Region's meth problem

The scourge of methamphetamine has left its mark in the region in recent years. We look at the trail of destruction - from the source to Singapore's shores. str.sg/blurb90

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