TV still major source of news for Americans: Survey

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Television remains a key source of news for Americans even as digital media gains importance, a survey showed on Friday.

A Pew Research Center analysis showed 71 per cent of American watch local television news at home and 65 per cent view network newscasts over the course of a month.

Some 38 per cent of adults watch cable news, according to Pew, but many of these viewers are highly engaged "news junkies" who spend more time watching than most others.

Pew analysed data from the ratings agency Nielsen, including Nielsen's national panel of metered homes.

The findings also show considerable "crossover" of the major cable news channels - CNN, Fox News and MSNBC - despite popular belief that these organisations have polarised viewers through political partisanship.

Pew said 34 per cent of those who watch the left-leaning MSNBC in their homes also tune in to the conservative Fox News Channel.

And 28 per cent of Fox watchers also check in on MSNBC, the findings showed.

Roughly half of the viewers of those two channels also spend time on CNN, which is seen as more ideologically balanced.

The report showed cable news watchers devote twice as much time viewing as local and network news viewers.

The findings are in line with a 2012 Pew Research Centre survey, which found local television remains the most popular way of accessing news and its annual State of the News Media report showing that nightly network newscasts draw far larger audiences than the primetime cable news shows.

But the new findings indicate that cable news watchers are more highly engaged, which may explain its ability to influence the national debate and news agenda.

Across all platforms, Pew found a large gap between the heaviest news consumers and everyone else. It said the top third of network news viewers average almost 32 minutes a day watching these shows. The next third spends about a sixth as much time, or five minutes, watching network news.

The most dedicated cable news viewers average 72 minutes a day watching, compared with about 32 minutes for the heaviest network news viewers and 22 minutes for the most engaged local news audience.

The report is based on Nielsen data during February 2013.

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