Tubby tabby finds home with couple and fellow fat cat

ST CHARLES, Misourri (AP) - A St Louis-area animal shelter has found a home for a 16.7kg cat named Biscuit. It even found him a sympathetic shoulder to meow on.

Operators of the St Charles County shelter say recent news coverage of the tubby tabby's plight led to more than 100 adoption requests for him.

The St Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Biscuit will go to live with Mr Ed and Mrs Lisa Pyatt next week.

The Eureka couple adopted another fat cat, Max, several years ago, and Mr Pyatt says it'll be good for Max to have a buddy.

Biscuit is roughly three times the weight of a normal adult cat and will have to stay on a strict diet.

His previous caretakers had to give him up because they could no longer care for him.

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