Timeline of Duchess of Cambridge Kate's pregnancy

LONDON (AFP) - Here is a timeline of the pregnancy of Prince William's wife Kate who was admitted to hospital in labour on Monday.

Dec 3, 2012 - Pregnancy announced as Kate enters King Edward VII's Hospital in London suffering from acute morning sickness.

Dec 4 - Two Australian radio presenters make hoax phonecall to the private hospital, resulting in details of Kate's condition being divulged.

Dec 6 - The Duchess of Cambridge leaves hospital after a three-night stay, saying she feels "much better".

Dec 7 - Jacintha Saldanha, the Indian nurse who answered and put through the call, found hanged, having taken her own life.

Dec 16 - Kate returns to public duties at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards.

Jan 11, 2013 - She attends unveiling of her first official portrait, painted by Paul Emsley, at the National Portrait Gallery. The oil-on-canvas picture gets mixed reviews.

Feb 1 - England's state prosecutors decided not to bring any charges against the Australian radio hosts, saying that "however misguided, the telephone call was intended as a harmless prank".

Feb 13 - Anger in Britain as pictures of William and Kate holidaying on the Caribbean island of Mustique were printed in foreign publications, showing Kate in a bikini, her baby bump clearly visible.

March 3 - Kate goes sledging in the Swiss Alps as she, William and his brother Prince Harry attend a wedding.

March 5 - Britain's media gets carried away when Kate visits the fishing town of Grimsby, after a member of the public misheard her, thinking the duchess had stopped herself when about to say "my daughter".

March 17 - Duchess makes first solo military engagement, presenting sprigs of shamrock at 1st Battalion the Irish Guards' annual Saint Patrick's Day parade.

March 20 - Presented with a "baby on board" badge as Kate and Queen Elizabeth II visit Baker Street station to mark the 150th anniversary of the London Underground train network.

April 23 - Kate plants a tree at vandalised estate in Manchester on Saint George's Day, England's national day.

April 24 - The duchess wears a maternity dress for the first time in public as she visits the National Portrait Gallery in London.

April 26 - Kate, William and Harry tour the Leavesden film studios, north of London, where they are presented with their own wands as they visit the Harry Potter sets.

April 29 - She spends her second wedding anniversary visiting a children's hospice.

May 22 - Kate attends a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

June 4 - Duchess joins all the senior royals attending the service celebrating 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation at London's Westminster Abbey.

June 13 - Kate makes solo public engagement, launching a new ocean liner in the port of Southampton.

June 15 - Duchess makes final public appearance before giving birth, attending Queen Elizabeth II's official 87th birthday celebrations.

June 19 - Palace sources announce the baby, due in mid-July, to be born in St Mary's Hospital in central London, hopefully by natural delivery.

July 22 - Kate admitted to St Mary's at 6:00am local time in the early stages of labour. Her husband travelled with her for the short drive from Kensington Palace.