Star Wars tops Christmas toy list

(REUTERS) - It is tipped to be this year's movie blockbuster.

And the hype surrounding the new Star Wars film is spreading to toy sales too.

Three Star Wars items are in UK's retailers top 12 list of must have toys for Christmas. Among them Hasbro' Jedi Master Lightsaber, costing a cool £50 (S$106.90).

Frederique Tutt, a global toy analyst from NPD Group, a market research company, said: "We find that the movies have been performing really well this year in the UK, so any toy that's movie related has been up 28 per cent since the beginning of the year."

Plenty of other toys are also proving a hit this year - Pie Face has already sold out in some stores .

But most involve a little more technology, says John Baulch, publisher of Toy World: "I think if you look for example at the Little Live Pets, it's clever. That features the most cutting edge technology. When they talk about interactive pets, it has a real sense of interacting with the child."

Some favourite characters remain, including the stars of Disney's Frozen. And some toys re-emerge year after year, with a modern twist.

Ten-year-old Edward Trooper, elaborates, saying: "You have an instruction manual and you can ask him what ever you like, maybe learn your name or walk with you."

The global toy industry is reportedly worth US$90 billion (S$126.5 billion) and the UK is Europe's biggest market. With the economy doing well manufacturers have hoping for sales this year will be intergalactic.