ST Explainers: Goodbye Obama and Mustafa, hello Trump and new e-bike rules

ST Explainers bade farewell to outgoing United States president Barack Obama and Mustafa at Serangoon Plaza with articles exploring Mr Obama's legacy and Mustafa's history. Also addressed in ST Explainers, the new rules regulating personal mobility devices as well as the different food allergies that affect people.

Welcoming President Trump and reminiscing Mr Obama

Mr Donald Trump, billionaire real estate tycoon and reality TV show star, has been officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The inauguration of a new president is usually marked by a series of celebratory events, from ceremonies to balls.

We round up 10 things to know about the events - from protests to performances.

As America welcomes a new president, it also bids goodbye to outgoing president Barack Obama. ST Explainers looks back on his presidency and recaps nine things he will be remembered for, from helping to stabilise a financial meltdown to pushing through affordable healthcare for millions of Americans.

On a more personal note, he will also be remembered for his chumminess with his vice-president, Mr Joe Biden. The duo have developed a close friendship and a true bromance in the eight years they have held office. We look at the highlights of the "Brobama" couple over the years as captured in Instagram photos and viral videos.

Mustafa's Serangoon Plaza branch to close next month

Retail giant Mustafa is moving out of its Serangoon Plaza premises, where it has operated since 1985. This means its retail space will be reduced by a quarter. Get a capsule history of the store, which is loved by shoppers for cheap bargains and unusual finds.

New rules implemented for personal mobility devices

Parliament passed a new law to regulate the use of personal mobility devices on Jan 10. Among the measures mooted are registration of electric bicycles and speed limits for devices. If you use an e-bike, learn about the seven rules that you will now have to observe.

Malaysian government to wind up state investment fund 1MDB

As the Malaysian government works to wind up controversial state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), ST Explainers recaps the debts, assets and liabilities of the firm.

Feed your baby peanuts to reduce allergy, says US health authorities

The US health authorities recently recommended feeding infants food with peanuts to reduce their risk of developing a peanut allergy. ST Explainers takes a closer look at six food allergies, from shellfish to milk allergies.

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