Soaring to new heights

On the surface, it is just a beast with its trainer, but for young condor Molina (left), trainer Peter Wenzel is like a parent.

Molina arrived at the Eagleworld Reserve in Bindslev, Denmark, last November, and has been trained by Mr Wenzel ever since.

Condors, a type of vulture, are widely considered the world's largest flying land birds. An adult could have a wingspan of up to 3.5m and weigh up to 15kg.

Even with their impressive wingspan, however, condors sometimes have a hard time staying aloft when in flight, due to their enormous weight.

That is why this bird prefers windy areas, where with the help of nature, it can soar up to a breathtaking height of 5,500m.

It is expected that Molina can be presented to guests next year in the reserve's eagle show, where he is sure to soar to new heights.

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