Singapore offers similar recommendations

In Singapore, the current dietary guidelines from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) were drawn up in 2003, and are in the process of being revised.

However, these recommendations are already similar to the new dietary guidelines just announced in the United States and Britain.

For example, the HPB'S 2003 list states that the amount of sugar added to food and drink should constitute not more than 10 per cent of a day's total calorie count.

Similarly, fat should be limited to 30 per cent of the total calorie intake, of which less than 10 per cent should be from saturated fat.

The HPB also recommends that men should have no more than two standard alcoholic drinks a day, or 14 drinks a week - the same as the updated alcohol consumption advisory from Britain.

One standard drink is equivalent to about 330ml of beer, or half a glass of wine.

Meanwhile, Singapore's recommended daily protein intake is generally much lower than that in the US.

There, boys aged between 14 and 18 are advised to take between five and seven ounces (140g-196g) of protein, such as lean meat, every day.

In Singapore, the recommended range for daily consumption for the same age group is only between 74g and 80g.

Linette Lai

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