Scrotum, Hitler, Facebook: Mexican state bans outlandish baby names

MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) - What's in a name? In north-western Mexico, officials say potentially a lifetime of bullying, so parents in the state of Sonora can no longer opt to name their children Scrotum, Terminator, USNAVY or Facebook.

The 61 banned names include technology-inspired monikers like Twitter and Yahoo, fictional characters Harry Potter, James Bond and Rambo and surgical terms like Circumcision.

Children will also be spared being dubbed Virgin, Hitler, Email, Burger King, Christmas Day, Robocop and Rolling Stone.

"It's about protecting children," said Ms Cristina Ramirez, the director of Sonora's Civil Registry. "We want to make sure children's names don't get them bullied in school."

Ms Ramirez anticipates the list will expand in future as officials discover more objectionable names.

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