Sasha Obama to her Dad: 'You didn't mess up'

WASHINGTON (AFP) - To everyone else, he is the president of the United States (US), but to his young daughters Barack Obama is just Dad, who sometimes messes stuff up.

The president's 11-year-old daughter Sasha on Sunday gave a rare glimpse into the 44th US president's personal life, after watching her father take the oath of office to begin his second term.

"Good job Dad," Sasha said, as her father gave her a hug after the swearing-in ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House.

"I did it," Mr Obama replied, before his mischievous daughter offered her verdict on the spectacle.

"You didn't mess up," Sasha Obama said, in remarks picked up by a television microphone, apparently referring to the president's first-term swearing in, when a verbal stumble while reciting the oath of office necessitated a do-over.

Mr Obama was also heard to say "thank you, sweetie" to his wife Michelle after she congratulated him on his nascent second term, and also got a verbal pat on the back from his elder daughter, Malia, 14.

"I'm so happy, yay!" Malia Obama told her Dad, after the televised ceremony, a day before public inauguration festivities on Monday.

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