REPEAT: Queen volunteered for Olympics Bond spoof: Boyle

LONDON (AP) - Queen Elizabeth II needed no convincing to appear in a James Bond-themed skit during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics - in fact, she volunteered, according to the show's director.

Director Danny Boyle said he had initially thought a lookalike - possibly actress Helen Mirren - would play the role of the Queen alongside Bond actor Daniel Craig.

He tells ITV's Jonathan Ross in an interview to air on Saturday night that when he sought permission from officials to film the skit, he heard back that not only was the video a go, but the monarch herself wanted to be in it.

Mr Boyle said that when filming began, the Queen asked him if he thought she should have a line, to which he replied "OK, what do you suggest?"

"She said 'I'll do something' and we started shooting and she turned round and she said her lines beautifully," he said, according to excerpts of the interview released in advance.

The Queen's star turn in the skit was considered one of the highlights of the opening ceremony last year.

In the skit, a tuxedo-clad 007 strides into Buckingham Palace to escort his VIP guest to the Olympic ceremony. In her acting debut, Queen Elizabeth swivels around in her desk chair to face the legendary spy and declares: "Good evening, Mr Bond."

Two of her corgi dogs also appeared in the clip.

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