REPEAT - Australian MP bopped on the hop by kangaroo

SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian politician was left hopping after he was attacked by a kangaroo while on a morning jog in the national capital Canberra.

"Mugged by a kangaroo!," declared Mr Shane Rattenbury, Australian Capital Territory municipal services minister, on Twitter.

Mr Rattenbury was left with deep scratches and bruising on his leg after the encounter with the bounding marsupial on Thursday morning.

"I'm not sure who got the bigger shock, me or the kangaroo," he told the ABC.

"He was minding his own business eating some grass, I was minding my own business running.

"Unfortunately the kangaroo jumped up, as they do when they're a bit startled, and took a defensive pose and unfortunately I came out of it second best with some decent cuts down the back of my leg."

Mr Rattenbury had his wounds cleaned and was given a tetanus shot.

He later joked on Twitter: "I believe the roo is fine - escaped the scene quickly, but did fail to get my watch or wallet for those who were wondering."

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