New generation of Syrian refugees born in Jordan

JORDAN (Reuters) - Siwar, a Syrian baby girl, was born on March 7.

But not in Syria - she was born in a dimly lit operating room at the Zaatari refugee camp for Syrians in Jordan.

She's among 50-80 babies born here each week now - five years into the Syrian civil war - as a new generation of refugees comes into the world far from their homeland.

"I have no one in the camp, my neighbour came with me today," said Siwar's mother Um Rimas, a Syrian refugee from Deraa.

Some 85,000 Syrians live at the camp. There are so many that Zaatari is now Jordan's fourth largest city.

It has two maternity clinics - one of them with 60 beds and nearly 120 medical staff for the expectant mothers, like 26-year-old Um Ahmad, who fled the city of Homs three years ago.

"I'm alone," she said. "When I gave birth to my son, the neighbours helped out. Now, I'm pregnant again and I'm going to give birth again in the camp. What can I do? This is God's will."

The Syrian conflict has killed more than a quarter of a million people.

In Zaatari, conditions are hardly ideal, but each new baby born here is a counter point to the death and destruction their mothers fled from back home.