New Delhi moves to clean up polluted air

Air pollution is choking New Delhi, and has become too much to handle.  

With rising pollution worrying authorities, the busy capital city of 16 millions could soon see car-less days and a taxation on commercial vehicles.  

The city says in two months it will impose the tax on commercial vehicles coming into the city, and even ban the use of cars on certain busy roadways once a month.  

Transport minister Gopal Rai says without such intervention, the dangerously polluted air could become life-threatening.  

"Delhi's pollution levels are rising beyond dangerous levels. If we don't address this, people will be forced to think about leaving the city to save their lives.", Mr Gopal said.

Known to the World Health Organization last year as having the worst air quality in the world, New Delhi is no stranger to attempts at putting a cap on air pollution.  

But initiatives including a ban on vehicles older than 15 years have failed in past, with city governments ignoring court orders to address the problem.  

Perhaps this latest order by India's top court to address alarming levels of pollution will eventually allow residents to breathe a little easier.