Neighbour of London 'slave' trio reveals photos: Media

LONDON - A neighbour of the three women caught up in Britain's worst known case of supposed modern-day slavery has shown the press photographs of the youngest of the victims, claiming that she sent him hundreds of rose-scented love letters.

Mr Marius Feneck, who lived two floors above the victims, showed the Daily Mail pictures of a slim, dark-haired woman he called Rose. He said she had given him the pictures along with letters that referred to him as her "beloved sweetheart", although he said he was uninterested in her.

In one of the letters, Rose wrote she felt "like a fly trapped in a spider's web".

Police first revealed last Thursday that a 69-year-old Malaysian, a 57-year-old Irish woman and a 30-year-old Briton have been rescued from a house in London after being allegedly held captive there for 30 years. Their allegations of slavery surfaced after one of the victims made secret telephones to a charity, asking for help.

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