Yemen’s Aden airport reopens with Saudi military plane

ADEN (AFP) - A Saudi military plane landed in Aden on Wednesday as the airport reopened in Yemen’s second city after four months of fighting, the transport minister said.  

“This is the beginning of operations at the airport,” Badr Basalma told reporters at the airport, which Saudi-backed loyalists recaptured last week following fierce fighting with Shiite rebels and their allies.  

Planes carrying relief supplies are expected to land in the next two days, Basalama said without elaborating on the cargo of the plane that touched down on Wednesday.  

Forces loyal to exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, backed by Saudi-led coalition warplanes, pushed the Huthi rebels and renegade troops out of most of Aden last week.  

Aden airport was among the first areas to be recaptured by the loyalists, who are benefiting from the support of forces freshly trained and equipped by the coalition.