World Briefs: Southwest Airlines jet makes forced landing

Southwest Airlines jet makes forced landing

NEW YORK • A Southwest Airlines jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin lost pressure due to what federal officials called a rare uncontained engine failure.

No one was injured on Flight 3472 from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, when the Boeing 737 was diverted on Saturday to Pensacola International Airport in Florida, an spokesman said by e-mail, citing an unknown mechanical issue.

A photo posted on Twitter by the Southwest pilots union showed the plane in flight with the front of the left nacelle, as the engine casing is formally known, torn off to expose the engine inside. The US National Transportation Safety Board said it is investigating.


Iran accuses nuclear negotiator of spying

DUBAI • Iran has arrested a member of the team that negotiated a landmark nuclear deal with world powers on suspicion of spying.

The suspect was released on bail after a few days in jail but is still under investigation, a judiciary spokesman said yesterday, calling the unidentified individual a "spy who had infiltrated the nuclear team", state media reported.

The deal that President Hassan Rouhani struck last year has given Iran relief from most international sanctions in return for curbing its nuclear programme, but it is opposed by hardliners who see it as a capitulation to the United States.


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