World Briefs: Palestinian teachers back at work after strike

Palestinian teachers back at work after strike

RAMALLAH • Public school teachers in the West Bank were back at work yesterday, the first day of the Palestinian work week, after heeding a call by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to suspend their three-week strike despite having only some of their demands met.

The strike, since Feb 10, over pay and benefits caused chaos for schools, students and parents, and prompted the Palestinian Authority to deploy police on the streets of Ramallah.


Venezuelan opposition holds day of protest

CARACAS • Venezuela's opposition held a national day of protest on Saturday, the opening salvo in its new strategy to oust President Nicolas Maduro, who responded with a rally of his own.

The Venezuelan opposition is counting on the power of the street to force the deeply unpopular Mr Maduro to listen to calls for change, after it won a landslide victory in legislative elections last December - only to see the courts hamstring its new authority.


Rubbish crisis: Lebanon to reopen landfill

BEIRUT • Lebanon said on Saturday it would temporarily reopen a landfill to ease an eight-month rubbish crisis as thousands of people demonstrated in Beirut against the garbage pile-up.

Rubbish has piled up on beaches, mountain forests and river beds across Lebanon since the closure last July of the country's largest landfill at Naameh, just south of Beirut.


Six skiers killed in Italian Alps avalanche

ROME • An avalanche killed six skiers in the Italian Alps on Saturday, making it one of the deadliest to hit the area in many years, a fire department spokesman said. Of the six bodies recovered, four were Italian citizens and two others have yet to be identified, the spokesman said.


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