World Briefs: Israel arrests Palestinian teen for fatal stabbing

Israel arrests Palestinian teen for fatal stabbing

JERUSALEM • Israel yesterdayarrested a Palestinian teen accused of stabbing a Jewish woman to death in the occupied West Bank, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to demolish his home after the attack provoked Israeli outrage.

Sunday's killing and another stabbing of a pregnant woman inside an Israeli settlement on Monday further heightened tensions after months of unrest, raising fears of an escalation in violence as well as a harsh Israeli crackdown on Palestinians.


Cosmic flower: first blossom in space

WASHINGTON • A brightorange zinnia has blossomed aboard the International Space Station (ISS), marking a first in space. Growing edible flowers, including zinnia, is part of a long-term National Aeronautics and Space Administration project known as Veggie.

Crew on the ISS have already grown aeroponically and eaten lettuce last year aboard the orbiting craft and hope to produce tomatoes by next year.


British inquiry to report on ex-Russian spy killing

LONDON • A British inquiry intothe death of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned in London a decade ago with tea laced with a rare radioactive isotope, is likely to conclude Russia was responsible when it publishes its findings tomorrow. An outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Litvinenko, 43, died in November 2006 three weeks after drinking the green tea at London's plush Millennium Hotel, shortly after he had obtained British citizenship.


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