World Briefs: Air strike killed 13 at Yemen nuptials: Rebels

Air strike killed 13 at Yemen nuptials: Rebels

SANAA (Yemen) • A suspected Saudi-led air strike killed at least 13 people at a wedding in a rebel-held town in Yemen, witnesses and the rebels said yesterday.

Medics said they received 13 dead after an explosion on Wednesday evening in the town of Sanban, 100km south of Sanaa. It was the second alleged coalition strike on a Yemeni wedding party in just over a week.

But the Saudi-led coalition denied the allegation, dismissing the report as rebel propaganda.


Brazil govt accounting practices ruled illegal

BRASILIA • Brazil's President, Ms Dilma Rousseff, suffered a new setback on Wednesday when a court declared that her government's accounting practices were illegal, handing ammunition to opponents threatening impeachment proceedings.

The court said her government's accounting practices last year, including taking what amounted to unauthorised loans from state-owned banks to make up for budget shortfalls, broke the law. Ms Rousseff's office issued a statement defending the accounting.


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