Wearable device to straighten out slouches

A small wearable device that vibrates to remind you to sit up straight could help improve posture and reduce back pain, according to its Israeli developers.

TEL AVIV (REUTERS) - Regular slouchers could improve their posture using new wearable technology. 

The Upright Pro nudges users to sit up straight by vibrating every time they slump.

"It's definitely a product for the new millennium as we spend so many hours in front of computers and our smartphones causing our back to be hunched over, our neck to look down and just causes a lot of strain on our muscles and neck and back," said Ori Fruhauf, co-founder and business manager at Upright. 

The gadget is designed to train people to make permanent improvements to their posture. 

It comes with an app for smartphones to keep users up to date with their progress.

"So you get a daily goal that tells you how much time you need to be upright today and you can obviously track all the data, see how you progress, get scores, share it with your friends so it becomes really a nice experience training to have better posture," said Fruhauf. 

Physiotherapists think the device could be combined effectively with physical therapy to help people with back pain. 

"Upright serves us very well as a exercising tool, home exercising tool that helps us to correct his behaviour and to change the way his brain perceives his posture," said Ido Dana, owner and physical therapist at Sport Clinic. 

There are other devices available that use a similar vibrating reminder to sit up straight. 

But they all rely on one thing - remembering to wear them in the first place.