Three killed as bombs rock Afghan capital

Police officers remove the wreckage of a damaged car in the aftermath of a bomb explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Feb 1, 2021. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

KABUL (REUTERS, AFP) - At least three people were killed and seven wounded in a series of explosions in Afghanistan on Tuesday, after Western countries called on the Taleban to end a wave of violence that the group denies responsibility for.

With Washington and Nato reviewing plans to withdraw their forces from the country by May, one blast in Kabul hit an SUV and killed two people, including Mohammad Atif, the head of non-governmental charity Jamiat-i-Islah, police in the capital said.

Two other explosions in the city, which caused injuries, targeted, respectively, a jeep of the counter-narcotics force and a civilian vehicle.

All three blasts were caused by small magnetic devices known as sticky bombs, police said.

Attacks during the morning commute have become a favoured tactic of insurgents, who remotely detonate bombs attached to target vehicles.

Deadly violence has ravaged the country in recent months - particularly in Kabul, with near-daily attacks against government officials, security personnel, journalists and other prominent Afghans.

Separately, a police vehicle was targeted north of Kabul in Parwan province, but the blast caused no casualties, police said.

Peace talks between the warring Taleban and Afghan government were launched in September last year in Qatar, but progress has been slow.

The new United States administration of President Joe Biden has said it will review a landmark deal Washington made with the Taleban last year after accusing the insurgents of ramping up violence.

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