Turkish jets join US-led coalition strikes on ISIS

ANKARA (REUTERS) - Turkish jets took part in US-led coalition air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters in Syria for the first time on Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

"Our jets started last night to carry out air operations with coalition forces against IS targets in Syria which pose a threat to our security too," a statement released on Saturday said. IS is another name of ISIS.

The operation followed a technical agreement with the United States on August 24 about Turkey's role in the campaign against the Sunni Islamists who control large areas of Syria and Iraq.

Turkey last month agreed to open its strategically important air bases to the coalition, but has been reluctant to play a leading role in the fight against ISIS, fearing a backlash.

On July 24, Turkish warplanes attacked ISIS targets in Syria, but not as part of the coalition operation.

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