One wounded in Turkey as rocket fired from Syria hits house near border: Media

ANKARA (REUTERS) - A rocket fired from the Syrian side of the border hit a house in Turkey's south-eastern province of Kilis, pro-government Sabah Daily News reported on Saturday.

The newspaper's website reported that the rocket struck a house in the city centre of Kilis, 10km north of the border, shattering the windows of buildings in the area.

On Monday, one person was killed and several wounded when a mortar apparently fired from inside Syria struck a school in Kilis.

The town is on the edge of a roughly 100km strip of Syrian territory controlled by Islamic State militants. Turkish towns in the region have often seen artillery fire spill over during Syria's almost five-year civil war.

Turkey's armed forces, part of an air campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, have generally retaliated.