'Lioness of Tigris' fights for revenge against ISIS

Mother of five Miaad al-Jubbouri is the sole woman in a joint force of Iraqi army and tribal militias fighting Islamic State in northern Iraq.

MOSUL (REUTERS) - The battle to retake Mosul from ISIS is waged on many fronts - including fighters who hold ground as other Iraqi forces advance towards Mosul.

Among them, Miaad-al-Jubbouri - a mother who was fed up and joined the Lions of Tigris militia - and she's looking for revenge.

"It's an honor for me to be walking amongst the soldiers and officers. It's a matter of pride for me," she says.

The men treat her more like a mascot than a sister in arms.

Neither of her parents are alive, and she did not tell her uncles, who might have objected to her taking up arms.

Her mother-in-law, however, encouraged her to go and avenge the death of her brother-in-law, who was killed by insurgents in 2012.

And while the so-called Lioness of Tigris may not be able to win back what she's lost -- she's ready to fight for the future.