Mexicans burn a Trump effigy on Easter

Easter revelers in Mexico City take their president, and the president to their north to task during the traditional burning of Judas.

MEXICO CITY (REUTERS) - United States President Donald Trump has risen in Mexico City. 

And for a second straight year, this Trumpified Judas effigy was blown to smithereens. Easter revellers watched with joy, as the ritualistic burning lit up the sky. 

For local residents celebrating this weekend, using Trump as Judas has given them some comic relief. 

"In spite of all the problems in our country, we Mexicans try to find the humour in our traditions," said resident Ingrid Jaramillo. 

Trump was not the only public figure given the Judas treatment. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was given an effigy with rat ears. 

Artist Gerardo Diez says burning them is a chance to punish them for their sins. 

"Depicting those public figures who've committed enormous errors like Donald Trump, it's like burning everything he's done," said Diez. 

A burning that these folks enjoyed without guilt.